Grill Therapy

This week I thought I'd take an opportunity to set the record straight. See, while the general vibe of this blog is upbeat/uplifting, it needs to be said that I am not some perpetually perky, eternally optimistic, ever-smiling chica. I have bad days too. Tough days. Shitty days. Probably more than I care to admit.... Continue Reading →

Derailing the Excuse Assembly Line

As I was wrestling with to-do lists over the weekend, I realized that in this crazy world of quarantining, I’ve been letting a few things slide. Apparently, my normal routines (formed out of a necessity to survive crazy working/soccer momming/writing/socializing) had been obliterated by this stupid COVID-19 set aside to make room for a slower,... Continue Reading →

Beware Boredom Mindsets

I was venting to my oldest last week about some annoying lawn equipment noises going on outside when he grinned, shook his head, and said, “Don’t be a Karen, Mom.” Aside from that being humorous on many levels, it got me thinking: Why was I so annoyed by whether or not the neighbors were doing... Continue Reading →

Renewal Amid the Chaos

2020 has been called many things. A year that started out in countless memes as a “much-needed fresh start”, made an unexpected U-turn in March. From there, it quickly began taking on new adjectives: Novel. Unprecedented. Inconvenient. Uncertain. Scary. As people around the globe watched “normal” get thrown out the window, many found themselves with... Continue Reading →


As we head into the flurry of holiday activities, I think the word that comes to mind for me this year is relief. 2018 has just been a strange year. I found love / I lost love I made new friends / I clung tight to existing ones I wrote some books / Got a... Continue Reading →

Turn it Off

I don’t know about you, but I think about things. A lot. Things I have no control of, and things I do. Things that won’t matter 5 days—or 5 years—from now, and things that will. Things that I should be doing, things that I shouldn’t. Things I wish were happening, things I wish weren’t. If... Continue Reading →

I’m Singing in the…Car

Some people were born blessed with amazing singing voices, some can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Me, I’m somewhere in between. That leads to a lot of singing when no one’s around—so I don’t have to watch them cringe—or singing at church because I know there the crowd will drown me out. (Besides, after... Continue Reading →

Romance Where You Least Expect It

I don’t know about you, but we’re a movie family. When life is spinning a million miles an hour, nothing helps settle us better than the big screen. Or, if we’re home, the much-smaller-than-big-screen living room television. Grab a few blankets, do up the popcorn, and we’re good to go. This weekend, to break up... Continue Reading →

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