Grill Therapy

This week I thought I’d take an opportunity to set the record straight. See, while the general vibe of this blog is upbeat/uplifting, it needs to be said that I am not some perpetually perky, eternally optimistic, ever-smiling chica. I have bad days too. Tough days. Shitty days. Probably more than I care to admit.

I’m human. It happens.

While trying to come up with today’s topic, I briefly considered using IndiW as a venting channel. But really, who wants to sit there and read about my crappy day? lol So, instead, I tried to get myself in a better mood before writing. When yoga didn’t fully cleanse my mind of the day’s frustrations, I turned to a rib-eye steak (thank you, Kroger, for the sale), a Moscow Mule, and a playlist I simply call “Harder 90’s Alt(ernative)”.

Ahhhhhhh. Now that combo did the trick.

Music for me has always been my therapy–truly, I’d be lost without it. Because no matter how hard I try to keep my thoughts on the proverbial high road, some days are just tough. Sometimes people just suck. And sometimes my Teflon-coated, not-as-thick-as-I-wish-it-would-be skin gets scratched.

That’s when I turn to my music. And, lately, to cooking.

Which, if you know me, is a bit of a shocker. Yes, the woman who used to joke in college about only attempting meals if they contained the label “just add water” has broadened her horizons, thanks to one of my favorite purchases in recent years: a propane grill.

Is it fancy? Nope. Is it stainless steel with thirty-seven side burners? Nope.

Does it do the job and make me happy? Yes.

Honestly, I agonized over the purchase. Saved my pennies then compared prices and reviews at dozens of stores for months before pulling the trigger. When it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to assemble it. Not the quickest job, but I was in seventh heaven (hey, my dad’s an engineer…what can I say, it’s in my genes) and knock on wood it hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. I even managed to get the propane tank installed and burners lit without melting this side of town.

And so began my grilling journey. Eventually, all that marinating and veggie chopping got me a little more excited about cooking inside as well. I’m nowhere near chef level, but food has more flavor now, the kids don’t make faces nearly as often (and they are very sweet if things get overcooked on occasion), and I’m actually starting to enjoy the process. Some nights, it’s just the segue I need to move from work mode to family mode.

Now if only I could get the cats to stop bird watching and wash dishes instead…

Winston and Rudy, talking their “prey”

So now the meal is grilled and consumed (damn, it was a good steak), the playlist done, and I’m able to kick back, digest, and mentally unpack the day.

Yes, today was hard. Yes, some of the people in it sucked. But you know what? A whole lot more of them didn’t, and for those amazing individuals I am truly thankful. So I’ll save my Mule and focus on the positives while sitting outside on a gorgeous late spring day that was supposed to be filled with rain but wasn’t.

Funny how your mood can go from crap to at peace when you shut off all that thinking and churning and just…cook, eat, and chill by the grill.

Here’s to a better, not bitter, week, everyone.

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  1. LOL. I really enjoyed this. I use cooking as a way to shift gears, too. I have to concentrate just enough that I can’t brood or stew. I’ve made more new recipes than I ever have during the pandemic. It keeps me entertained:)

    1. Thank you. Iā€™d be thrilled to someday become half the amazing cook you are, Judy. So glad you could stay entertained! šŸ˜˜

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