Beware Boredom Mindsets

I was venting to my oldest last week about some annoying lawn equipment noises going on outside when he grinned, shook his head, and said,

“Don’t be a Karen, Mom.”

Aside from that being humorous on many levels, it got me thinking:

Why was I so annoyed by whether or not the neighbors were doing X,Y, Z? And was this really about them, or the handful of other people/groups that were annoying me lately?

People griping on FB about having to wearing masks.
People griping on Twitter about people not wearing masks.
People griping, griping, griping.

Myself, as my son not-so-eloquently pointed out, included.

Honestly? I think for me, a lot of it has stemmed from boredom. Normal got shoved aside this spring, which means my usual hustle and bustle routine has been relegated to couch potato-ing and puttering around the yard. There’s no soccer, no driving all over the state (for soccer), no going out and gabbing for hours with friends over a bowl of salsa or a cold adult beverage.

Nothing to distract me from behaviors that, in my boredom, I’m allowing to annoy the hell out of me.

Let’s read that again:

Nothing to distract me from behaviors that…I’m allowing to annoy the hell out of me.

So what if people are power-washing their deck for days on end, or using a leaf blower every chance they get? Does that make them bad people? No.

So what if the paperwork crossing my desk isn’t filled out properly? Do I need to let it ruin my day? Nope. (Will there be more training coming up for those individuals? Yep.)

So what if people are online griping/venting/lashing out about masks/quarantines/social distancing? Do I need to let their moods impact mine?

No, and that’s what I need to remember.

I control my attitude.
I control my thinking.

Lately, I’ve been a bit lax with that control. Enough so that my kids are starting to pick up on it, jokingly or not. And that’s definitely not the kind of example I want to be setting.

So, it’s time to rein in that boredom. Adjust my thinking. Accept differences, and self-monitor moods.

Pandemic or not, life is what we make of it. Why make it—or our thinking—any less amazing than it can possibly be?

(Besides, those behaviors I’m working not to be annoyed by? They’ll be put to good use in a future book. #dontpissofftheauthor)

Have a great week, everyone.

9 thoughts on “Beware Boredom Mindsets

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  1. LOL. Kids know how to put things to make their point, don’t they? We’ve been in retirement mindset for so long, this pandemic hasn’t affected us as much as a lot of other people. There are some advantages of being OLD:)

  2. ah this is FANTASTIC. what a refreshing change!!!! (Been too long just quietly, only last night I was thinking of Brutus and his Buckeyes!!)

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