I’m Singing in the…Car

Some people were born blessed with amazing singing voices, some can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Me, I’m somewhere in between. That leads to a lot of singing when no one’s around—so I don’t have to watch them cringe—or singing at church because I know there the crowd will drown me out. (Besides, after... Continue Reading →

Romance Where You Least Expect It

I don’t know about you, but we’re a movie family. When life is spinning a million miles an hour, nothing helps settle us better than the big screen. Or, if we’re home, the much-smaller-than-big-screen living room television. Grab a few blankets, do up the popcorn, and we’re good to go. This weekend, to break up... Continue Reading →

Grief, Joy, and Perspective

I’ve now attended two funerals this spring, as two dear friends have each lost a parent. It’s heart-wrenching to see them go through the pain of loss, and to know the struggles their loved ones faced as they neared the end. If you’re like me, you wish you could do something, wish you could help... Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung…Maybe

I don't know where you all are from, but here in NE Indiana, spring has been largely...absent. Tardy. Stubborn as hell to leave winter's side. This weekend, though, we appear to be turning the proverbial leaf. And it's about darned time. Last night when I found myself with sun, mid-fifties, and a bit of kid-free... Continue Reading →


Happy Thursday, everyone! Indiana Wonderer has been a bit quiet of late, but fear not, the writing muse is far from dead. In fact, she sunk her claws into me late last night, and refused to let go until I sent this out. So I'm complying before I lose any further circulation... 2015 has been a... Continue Reading →

A Little Piece of Normal

When I was a kid, I hated to run. Unless it was between the bases at softball or a necessity like during a healthy game of kissing tag, running was something I did my best to avoid. I’m five-foot-two on a good day. Short legs equal a short stride and, for me, short distances. Hey,... Continue Reading →

Zero Expectations

We had a running joke at work a while back about how we should resolve ourselves to have minimal expectations when it came to, well, pretty much anything in the way of policy changes. Too many promises had been made by one manager or another, and over time we became rather disenfranchised by the entire... Continue Reading →

Loud and Proud

So, if you caught any of my “From the Sidelines (FTSL)” series last fall, you know I’m a sports mom. Our boys rotate throughout the year from one sport to the next, which certainly keeps our family hopping. But no matter the sport or season, I came to realize two things in the bleachers at... Continue Reading →

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