Book Signing Event This Weekend!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Wanted to share that my last planned book event of 2018 is coming up this weekend in Fort Wayne. The amazing TG Wolff and I will be signing books, sharing favorite excerpts, and doing some giveaways this Saturday, December 1st at Half Price Books from 1-3pm (533 E Coliseum Blvd E). Skip… Continue reading Book Signing Event This Weekend!



As we head into the flurry of holiday activities, I think the word that comes to mind for me this year is relief. 2018 has just been a strange year. I found love / I lost love I made new friends / I clung tight existing ones I wrote some books / Got a kickass… Continue reading Persist


Pizza, Pages, And More!

Happy Monday, everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news with you all -- I'm hitting the road! Albeit a short road, but hey, the road all the same. This Saturday (Nov 17th) I'll be joining 4 other amazing local authors from 6-8pm at The Next Page Bookstore & More in the lovely town of… Continue reading Pizza, Pages, And More!


No Tricks, Only Treats

Happy Halloween, everyone! Fall in Indiana means changing leaves, chilly weather, and shorter days...which generally leads to spending more time indoors and READING (and writing, if you're so inclined). I'm doing both, as well as working with some of my author friends to line up a few appearances in the NE corner of the state,… Continue reading No Tricks, Only Treats

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Road Tripping with TG Wolff

One of the best parts of author life is meeting and supporting other authors. It's always awesome to find people from your tribe who don't glaze over as you share your latest plot twist idea or editing stumbling blocks. So naturally, when TG Wolff called and said she was doing a reading down in Indianapolis… Continue reading Road Tripping with TG Wolff


So, why fantasy?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in rewrites the past two months, kicking book 1 of a new fantasy romance series up a few notches before my agent starts shopping it around for the perfect publishing company home. She wants more weird, more crazy, and I freaking love that—I’ve got plenty to pull from, trust… Continue reading So, why fantasy?


Turn it Off

I don’t know about you, but I think about things. A lot. Things I have no control of, and things I do. Things that won’t matter 5 days—or 5 years—from now, and things that will. Things that I should be doing, things that I shouldn’t. Things I wish were happening, things I wish weren’t. If… Continue reading Turn it Off


What Shapes Them?

Shapes. Nope, not talking about physical attributes (tall, petite, rail thin, built like an ox) today, but rather what shapes a person. Or, more specifically, fictional characters. But since they’re just the book/comic/movie version of us, it really applies across the board. Have you ever read a book where you just couldn’t connect to a… Continue reading What Shapes Them?


The Good, the Bad, and the Oops Don’t Label It

I've been reading a book in between bites of lunch the past week on how to find joy at work. Now, let me pause right here and say I'm not unhappy with my day job--this book was a Christmas gift given to our staff a few years back. Yep, just now getting to it. Have… Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the Oops Don’t Label It


I’m Singing in the…Car

Some people were born blessed with amazing singing voices, some can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Me, I’m somewhere in between. That leads to a lot of singing when no one’s around—so I don’t have to watch them cringe—or singing at church because I know there the crowd will drown me out. (Besides, after… Continue reading I’m Singing in the…Car