Local Author Event This Week

Happy Monday, everyone! Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Though I've been quiet on the blog-front, I've been busy writing and brainstorming behind the scenes. Oh, and scheduling appearances at local author events! If you're in the Bluffton, Indiana area, I'd love to have you join myself and several… Continue reading Local Author Event This Week


Stepping Out from the Shadows

Before there was a book or a tweet there was a blog. A happy little blog, one intended to introduce Kyra Jacobs to the great big world of, well, people who read blogs. As time went on, Indiana Wonderer drew the attention of a few kind, dedicated readers--I’m talking about you, Liz, Judy, Gabs and Mae--who… Continue reading Stepping Out from the Shadows

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Happy release day to Anita Devito!

Happy Monday, everyone! Wow am I crazy excited, because today is release day for my wonderful, amazing, uber-smart, never-back-down friend Anita Devito! Anita's debut novel LOST IN TENNESSEE is one seriously kicka~~ ride, with plenty of twists, turns, and spicy interludes to keep you reading well into the night. Read on below for the blurb, then run… Continue reading Happy release day to Anita Devito!


Story Time with…Me!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As part of the current blog series over on the KickAss Chicks website, we are doing vlogs (video blogs) of each of us reading a "First Meet" between the hero and heroines in one of our novels. This week it was my turn, and I chose to read from my latest release… Continue reading Story Time with…Me!

Guest Writers

Lisa Ricard Claro and LOVE BUILT TO LAST

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've shared a guest interview on Indiana Wonderer, so I was delighted to connect with today's featured author. Hopefully, she'll make some new friends during her visit. Won't you please join me in welcoming our guest of honor this week:  Lisa Ricard Claro. Name (or pen name): Lisa Ricard… Continue reading Lisa Ricard Claro and LOVE BUILT TO LAST



Happy Thursday, everyone! Indiana Wonderer has been a bit quiet of late, but fear not, the writing muse is far from dead. In fact, she sunk her claws into me late last night, and refused to let go until I sent this out. So I'm complying before I lose any further circulation... 2015 has been a… Continue reading WTH??


A Little Piece of Normal

When I was a kid, I hated to run. Unless it was between the bases at softball or a necessity like during a healthy game of kissing tag, running was something I did my best to avoid. Like Jessica Hartley, the main character in my first book ARMED WITH STEELE, I’m five-foot-two on a good… Continue reading A Little Piece of Normal

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Zero Expectations

We had a running joke at work a while back about how we should resolve ourselves to have minimal expectations when it came to, well, pretty much anything in the way of policy changes. Too many promises had been made by one manager or another, and over time we became rather disenfranchised by the entire… Continue reading Zero Expectations

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A visit by Jill Shalvis and Book Giveaway!

Total fangirl moment today as one of my all time favorite authors is visiting the KickAss Chicks - Jill Shalvis!! Swing by and show her some love, won't you? Book giveaway also in progress over there... http://www.kickasschicks.com



It never ceases to amazing me how slippery a beast clarity can be. Yes, clarity. Oftentimes with my writing I am stuck in the center of a mental storm. Idea after idea is swirling by, tempting me to chase it down the next rabbit hole. So I’ll pick an inviting thread to weave into my story and… Continue reading Clarity