Road Tripping with TG Wolff

One of the best parts of author life is meeting and supporting other authors. It’s always awesome to find people from your tribe who don’t glaze over as you share your latest plot twist idea or editing stumbling blocks. So naturally, when TG Wolff called and said she was doing a reading down in Indianapolis this month to promote her thriller EXACTING JUSTICE, I said count me in.

Not only does TG’s writing totally rock, she’s also an awesome road trip buddy. 😉

Our destination this past week was to an indie bookstore off Massachusetts Avenue called Indy Reads Books, where she and several other authors would be reading excerpts for the Mystery Writers of America Midwest Multi-State “Murder at the Mic” night. And oh, what an awesome place! I fell in love with the cozy bookstore the second I stepped inside, and loved it that much more when I learned it’s a not-for-profit new and used bookstore whose proceeds all feed back into Indy’s adult literacy programs. Plus, the holiday decorations added an extra dose of fun. If you’re ever in the area, I highly encourage you to stop by 911 Massachusetts Avenue!

Though I’d never been to a reading event quite like this before, I have to say it was a blast. Hearing excerpts from all these different books was like getting to “taste test” half a dozen or so novels and stories. Each author had their own style, their tales each unique. And of course, once the pressure to read was off, there were smiles all around.

Seriously, if you get a chance to attend a multi-author readings event like this, I highly recommend it. And I know the authors would appreciate you coming out to support them, more than you know. (Hmm…come to think of it, there might just be an opportunity in Fort Wayne coming up over the holidays for such an event. Stay tuned… )

Great job, everyone, and bravo for being brave enough to write the words you love, and then taking the stage last week and sharing them with us. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep inspiring us all.

Until next time,


What Exactly is Exacting?

Many moons ago–8, actually, if memory serves–I went on a daycare field trip with a handful of other crazy enthusiastic parents. Our destination? The Indianapolis Children’s Museum. After more hours of chasing after rambunctious toddlers than my weary brain could count, myself and another mom who’d carpooled together loaded our kiddos in the car and headed for home. Once we’d found our way out of Indy (hey, TG–I bet you don’t get lost down there so much anymore lol) we started talking books. And writing.

And wouldn’t you know it, we both loved to write.

The trip home went way faster than the trip to Indy, TG and I volleying back and forth about our works in progress, my book I was pitching to publishers, her several books that she’d written for pleasure. By the time we made it back into town, we’d become good friends and steadfast writing buddies.

Fast forward several years to where both of us had a few published books under our belts. TG, whom you may have come to know as Anita DeVito, was working on a story that’d clawed its way into her psyche and refused to let go. It had an awesome name, a cool reference to some psychological stuff I was trying to wrap my head around, and her same wit and fantastic collection of supporting characters. What it didn’t have was a romance focus. So what did TG aka Anita do, being her usual self?

She wrote it anyway.

After countless walks together, chatting it up about plot and character behavior, about how the story could end (or not), about how the sequel might go (or not), about how many books there may be in this series (or not), well, there’s a lot I’m not at liberty to tell you. Lol! However, what I can say is this: TG aka Anita is a passionate, brilliant writer who puts her very soul into each and every book. She’s also one of my favorite authors to read. Romance or Thriller, her voice is there, though it may have a darker hue to it in some stories than others.

So if you’re looking for something different. Something…fresh and maybe a little “other side of the tracks”, do yourself a favor and check out TG Wolff‘s newly released book EXACTING JUSTICE. It may be her first thriller-type crime novel, but I’m certain it won’t be her last.

How do I know this? I’ve already read the next one…and it’s one helluva ride too.

As for EXACTING’s original title, well, you’ll have to ask TG about that. What happens on author walks, stays on author walks. 😉

Happy reading, everyone.


In the war on drugs, a deadly new front has opened…

An unknown killer is waging a war on drugs. The murders are horrendous but with a silver lining—now stop signs are the only objects lingering on corners in the city’s toughest neighborhoods. Half the city calls for the police to end the killer’s reign. The other half cheers the killer on, denouncing the tactics but celebrating the progress police haven’t been able to achieve.

The gritty details of Cleveland’s drug underworld are nothing new to Homicide Detective Jesus De La Cruz. Two years earlier, Cruz worked undercover narcotics and was poised for a promotion that would have placed him in a coveted position within the drug organization. The deal went bad. Now he has a new face, a new job, and a new case.

The killer moves through the streets with impunity, identity still unknown. Demands for progress from his superiors, accumulated grief of the victim’s relatives, growing pressure from the public, and elevated stress from his family quietly pull Cruz apart. With no out, the detective moves all in, putting his own head on the line to bait a killer.

You can find all the details and buy links at Down & Out Books.