Release Day for The Soccer Player and the Single Mom!

Happy Monday, everyone! After a super fun week of highlights and character introductions, the big day is finally here: it’s release day for The Soccer Player and the Single Mom!


For most women, working for a sexy soccer star would be a dream come true. All except single mom Felicity Shaw. She has no interest in playing personal assistant for a stubborn, injured playboy—no matter how nice his abs are. But with bills piling up and mouths to feed, she can’t say no to the job.

That’s when it gets interesting.

The last thing Scott Gillie wants or needs is a persistent and entirely too distracting PA while he’s recuperating in his small hometown. Unfortunately, it’s not up to him. Then Felicity and her son end up temporarily moving in—all thanks to his meddlesome grandmother. Now temptation is right across the hall and it’s driving Scott crazy.

His only option is to fight fire with fire.

He never expects Felicity to do the same.

Entangled: http://bit.ly/SPSMent
Amazon:  http://bit.ly/SPSMzon
B&N: http://bit.ly/SPSMbandn
Kobo: http://bit.ly/SPSMkobo
iTunes: http://bit.ly/SPSMaIT
GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/SPSMgplay

I’ll be traveling the interwebz, stopping by blog sites and FB pages all week, so be on the lookout for links and your chances to win some cool books and prizes.

But most of all, thank YOU for all your support along this crazy journey called publication. Without your reviews and messages, encouragement and hugs, I wouldn’t have the motivation to continue writing.

All the best,

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