So, why fantasy?

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in rewrites the past two months, kicking book 1 of a new fantasy romance series up a few notches before my agent starts shopping it around for the perfect publishing company home. She wants more weird, more crazy, and I freaking love that—I’ve got plenty to pull from, trust me. But as I’ve been rewriting and letting my imagination run wilder, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit my inner critic has surfaced a few times.

“This is too far out there…you’re gonna start scaring off your friends and family.”

“Will anyone even read this?”

“Is that goblin too short?”

Doubt, second-guessing—it’s all part of the creative process. (Heck, it’s all part of life in general…) Thankfully, most days I’m able to douse those flames by writing a witty dialog between characters. Enough laughter, and I’m off and running with the story once more. Other times… well, that’s where my writer friends come to the rescue. They talk me back from the ledge, tell me to go with my gut and, most of all, have fun.

And THAT is the answer to why I’ve started writing fantasy romance: because it’s fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fun writing contemporary romances too. Writing anything fiction, really. Sometimes even nonfiction stuff. But when I get the chance freedom to throw in magic and mythical creatures, it gives my imagination free rein. If I get to build the world my characters live in, that means I get to make the rules. I also get to decide who’s allowed to break them and how.

Is it easy?

Hell no! Making up stuff only works if I make it believable. Flying imps? Talking trolls? Bouncer yetis? Cool stuff, but if I don’t make them well-rounded, don’t have their words and actions match their environment, then it’s just a handful of 2D creatures stamped on a page.

Ah, but if I make the troll heart-broken because his woman left him, now I’m digging deeper. And if his heartbreak is delaying my heroine’s escape and now she’s got to deal with him while trying to save her own neck, well, now it’s getting interesting. Add in that the troll smells to high heaven and needs to be deodorized…and either my readers are gonna ask “WTH?” or start to laugh.

…please laugh. Please, please laugh…

With this book, there’s been plenty of self-amusement. As a writer, that’s my litmus test for a book—if it amuses me, then I’m more passionate about getting it right, about making it funnier, sexier, wittier. I keeps me invested.

Am I nuts? Yeah, maybe.

But only in my books. 😉

And don’t worry—I’m not ditching the normal sane realistic contemporary romance writing (my next Bliss book ON THE MEND is due out this October, more details to come!) Instead, I’ll be writing both, having fun mixing it up a bit.

Because hey, life’s short. Gotta have fun while we can, right? 😉

Happy hump day, everyone.



4 thoughts on “So, why fantasy?

  1. Glad you enjoy writing fantasy. So did I. And if anyone can make me feel sorry for a troll, you can:) Good luck finding a wonderful home for this book.

    • LOL! Thank you for your vote of confidence, Judi. I adore this book, and was a little reluctant to change it. But after rolling my sleeves up and letting my imagination run even more wild, I’m so glad I did. 😉 I’ll be sure to keep you posted on sub results!

  2. This shows you how far behind I am in everything…but I also love the freedom of fantasy. After finishing a regency which requires so much research, it’s wonderful to fly free in the fantasy genre.

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