Happy Wednesday, everyone! Oh, do I have a surprise for you today: the cover reveal for my next Checkerberry Inn novel, HER UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT.

Any guesses as to who that might be on the cover? 😉



Yep, for all those Miles fans out there, your wait is nearly over!

HER UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT releases November 7th. Until then, how about a blurb to introduce you to our main characters? And no worries, your favorites from book 1 (HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR) are back at the inn waiting for you.


Sometimes you’ve got to fake it ‘til you make it…

Stephanie Fitzpatrick wanted out of the spotlight after her pro-golfer husband was caught on camera cheating. But when she returns to Michigan for a job interview and some much-needed R&R, a fib told by her well-meaning sister has her looking for a temporary fiancé, or she can kiss her new start good-bye. Desperate to hide the truth, she goes to the one man who can help—her former best friend.

Miles Masterson is relieved to see the Checkerberry Inn beginning to thrive once more. Not only does it ease his mind about his grandmother’s financial future, but also about his decision to finally escape town. But then one all grown up and sexy as hell friend from the past shows up needing rescue. Now the temptation to change the “temporary” arrangement into something more is making it harder to think about leaving.


Hmm, somehow that just doesn’t feel like enough. Perhaps a short excerpt, to get to know them a bit better?…


Half an hour after the service ended, Miles sat among the locals in the far corner of the Checkerberry’s dining room, a cup of coffee in his hands and mind a million miles away. What could she possibly want to ask him? And why did it have to be down by the old pond, of all places, where hopes and dreams left unfulfilled still haunted him the most?

A gentle hand lit upon Miles’s shoulder, and the floral fragrance his grandmother reserved for church tickled his nose. He was surprised she’d taken this long to come and start a game of twenty questions.

“Stephanie isn’t joining us?” said Ruby.

“No. And before you ask, I did extend the offer.”

The Checkerberry always provided a free lunch for anyone who attended Tom Granville’s services. Ruby claimed it was her penance for taking time “off” to attend the service, but Miles was willing to bet his next paycheck it was because she was sweet on old Tom. Not that she’d ever admit it. No, Ruby was always too busy playing matchmaker with everyone else.

Himself included.

“Such a shame. I do so hate seeing you here, sitting by yourself.”

Miles cast a glance down the long table toward the rest of their motley crew and found most of the others to be evenly paired. Hell, even old Tom was at the moment, his stoic grandson at his side looking less than thrilled to be there. Though, seeing as those two were wedged in between two other unfamiliar couples, he couldn’t really blame the guy. Heck, Miles didn’t want to be here himself, and it was his family’s inn.

“I’m perfectly fine sitting here alone, Ruby. Just like every other Sunday.”

“Of course you are, dear.” She gave his shoulder a small pat. “Though, it’s not often I see you staring off into the woods, pining for anyone.”

His gaze narrowed. “Since when have I ever been a piner?”

The corners of her eyes crinkled as a knowing smile stretched across her sun-worn face. Ruby gave his shoulder another small squeeze, then made her way back to an open seat near old Tom.

Pining. Miles cast a scowl out the window. So yeah, maybe a small part of him wished Stephanie would have joined them for lunch, get her joking and laughing like old times and introduce her to Kayla. Both dangerous lines of thinking, especially when he was mentally preparing to leave this sad little college town. What he really should be doing was reviewing the updated cover letter Freddie had sent over this morning. But he’d promised to meet Steph down by the pond, and no matter how anxious the idea of being alone with her there made him, he would keep his word…


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Did you miss book one? No worries, you can learn more about HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR here.


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