Romance Is…

A few weeks ago, I was out with a non-writer friend when the topic of my writing came up. She congratulated me on my upcoming releases, then admitted with a giggle that she’d overheard a mutual acquaintance joke about the “smutty books” I write.

Smutty? Wow, that was a new one.

Of course, the commentor was a guy, and someone who clearly wasn’t into romance novels. Still, the remark ate at me a bit, especially when there are FAR grittier books out there than mine. I mean, on the 50 Shades scale most of my titles rank about a 2. LOL

(Except the dragons, of course. But we’ll leave them out of this conversation…)

Anyway, this little remark got me to thinking – what IS romance, and how do people perceive it? A quick search on Google resulted in these definitions:

romance def

Interesting. For me, I approach my novels more in the sense of a noun that leads to a verb. The feeling of excitement and mystery drive the stories forward. The guy calling my novels “smutty”, however, likely associates them with the verb form (and many variations thereof).

So I starting thinking of non-smutty romance examples. You know, stuff non-smutty folks could relate to. (Bothered by the label? Who, smutty me? Nah…) Surprisingly, I had plenty stored up in the not-so-deep-recesses of my writer’s mind.

Thus, in honor of my upcoming next release, HER UNEXPECTED ENGAGEMENT (an Entangled BLISS novel, November 2016), I am going to start a picture blog series to offer a few clean examples of what “Romance Is”. Because romance in and of itself isn’t all about sex. It’s a noun and a verb, and can be as sweet (or not) as we choose to make it. Sadly, the sweet side often gets swept under the rug, when in fact these simple acts can mean so very much to the recipients. What do I mean? Here’s image number one, take a look:

Romance Is... (1)

Thoughts? Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments of each. Of course, keep it clean people–you wouldn’t want to get the “S” label, too. 😉




4 thoughts on “Romance Is…

  1. I had one somewhat R rates scene in my first published romance, but otherwise my books have very little sex–I’m just not that comfortable writing it. Plenty of romance, though!

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