Dragons Against Them Sneak Peek

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the flurry of activities here this week. Shaking off the dust in time to dive back into to publishing and editing mania. So while I’m preparing to submerge once again, I thought I’d share a teaser from dragons 2, scheduled for release August 30th.

And stay tuned – pre-orders and the full cover reveal are coming soon!


Blood is thicker than water…but can it melt a heart of ice?

Kingdoms of Fire and Ice, Book 2

Adelaide Miller gave up everything she knows to remain in Prince Zayne Godfrey’s alternate reality and assume her rightful place as eldest princess in the rival kingdom of Forath.

For an independent, free-spirited woman, however, royal life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s downright smothering. Especially since the vengeful Rosalind has gone AWOL.

Zayne is eager to wed Princess Addie—but their fathers seem more intent on keeping them apart. The longer Rosalind goes missing, the more suspicious each monarch becomes that the other is guilty of foul play.

Both kingdoms may soon face a strong, new rival intent on gaining power foretold by an ancient prophecy. To protect their chance at happily ever after, Zayne and Addie must partner with unlikely allies to save the one person intent on destroying them both.

But victory will not come without a price, and in the end, someone may have to pay—in blood.


Sneak Peek:

Rosalind’s stomach rumbled painfully as she drew near the outer branches of a thicket she had napped within earlier. Rest was best sought during the day, when eyes and ears were most active. Besides, a fire in broad daylight for cooking would be out of the question, its trail of smoke sending an alert to Forath’s soldiers, whose search for her undoubtedly continued.

Searching out of duty, she was certain. Nothing more. For though her father cared little for her, he would never allow her to simply leave, even if his most prized possession had recently made a spectacular reappearance at Forath Castle.

A spectacular, unexpected reappearance, jeopardizing Rosalind’s carefully constructed plan to capture rival kingdom Edana’s throne. She had bowed to her father’s wishes, pledged to play her part in the nonsense of an arranged marriage, but the sacrifice would not be hers alone. No, once she’d wed their rogue prince, Rosalind planned to kill off Edana’s royalty one by one until she was all that remained. As their ruling queen, she would bring Quinn alongside her, fortify their army, and take down her father.

Then and only then might she finally find peace—by way of vengeance. But first, she had a fiancé to reclaim.

Rosalind retrieved a sturdy branch she’d fashioned into a crude spear earlier and skewered the trout, then set it aside to free her hands for fire making. A bit of smoke would not draw attention in the graying skies now, especially this deep in the forest. If her estimates were correct, she was but a day’s travels from the next village, perhaps two. A mere blink of the eye in time compared to the weeks she had spent traveling thus far. No matter either way, so long as she might finally find someone who knew the way to the witch clan. Once there, she believed her bumps and bruises, scrapes and cuts would be well worth the effort. For between the witches’ magic and her cunning, she soon would resume her betrothal to Prince Zayne and put her plan into motion…


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