Stepping Out from the Shadows

Before there was a book or a tweet there was a blog. A happy little blog, one intended to introduce Kyra Jacobs to the great big world of, well, people who read blogs. As time went on, Indiana Wonderer drew the attention of a few kind, dedicated readers–I’m talking about you, Liz, Judy, Gabs and Mae–who read and commented on just about every post. (You have no idea how much I love each of you for that.)

Then came the first book, and my lovely little blog shifted focus from anecdotal pieces to promotional spotlights. Introductions to new (or new to us) authors and their latest books or cover reveals. Inspirational tidbits.

And it was a lovely place. Truly it was.

Book two arrived, and the blog kept chugging along. But then life got a little bumpy. Sickness struck a loved one. Death claimed them. Difficult times followed. A marriage crumbled.

And the happy little blog went silent while wounds could be licked and hearts could begin to heal.

But rather than succumb to the darkness, the little blog woke up one morning (yesterday, actually…and it was more like 7:46 pm) and realized that something seen earlier in the day was calling to it, beckoning it to come back out and play—to step out from the shadows and into the light.

Of course, there really is no dark side, not unless you allow yourself to go there. To curl up in a ball and let the world go by. Sometimes we need that space, that time to reflect inward so that we can once again learn to positively project outward.

And that’s where the healing little blog is now—ready to re-engage in the blogging community, to reach those who need a pick-me-up. To offer levity when handy, support where possible, and courage to those who may at the moment be lacking in exactly that.

That is what this blog’s purpose was at its inception, and where Indiana Wonderer will strive to return to. Read if you like, skim if you choose, delete if you so desire. But like ripples in a pond, these posts are bound to drift out to someone who needs to hear/read them most. And for those individuals, these posts will continue. I can’t promise they will be frequent or lengthy, but they will continue.

Because that’s my calling, and I choose to stand by it. Fingers to keyboard, forming one word at a time, just for you.

Love and peace to you all, my friends.



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