Psst…it’s me…

Hello, my beloved Indiana Wonderer followers. I know it’s been a while–a long while–but I’m writing to say all is not lost. In fact, all is headed on an epic journey in 2016.

Despite 2015 being an incredibly difficult year for me behind the scenes, my book release of HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR, a Checkerberry Inn series novel was the best I’ve had so far. And it marked a wonderful new beginning for my writing as I stepped away from writing in first person, single point of view (female main character only) to multiple points of view. DETOUR gave you a glimpse of that in the typical contemporary romance style–you got to peek into the thoughts of both Brent and Kayla, got to know them better, understand why they did what they did. And I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun writing like that. So much so, that in my upcoming new series I give you even more points of views…but I’ll get to that.

First, I wanted again to assure you that this time of silence on the blog has not been for lack of writing, but rather because of it. I am writing like a banshee, cranking out books to meet deadlines. (Deadlines–never thought that word would bring the thrill it does…) I have 4 books coming out in 2016–4! That’s bigger than my entire back list so far!!–and at least 1 so far for 2017. So the blog posts will eventually come back, but for a while they may continue to be sparse as I am admittedly a bit distracted by deadlines.

Second, the Checkerberry Inn series has officially been contracted for at least 2 more books with Entangled’s Bliss imprint (that’s their sweet, not steamy, romance line). Book 2, HER UNEXPECTED RETURN, is in edits now and due out later this year. I don’t have an exact release date yet, but think we’re shooting for August/September (with book 3, HER UNEXPECTED HELP, due out spring of 2017). And don’t worry, all your favorite characters from book 1 will be back, as well as a new heroine whose reappearance has thrown Miles’ world into a tail spin. They’re a fun pair to write. 😉

DAM_FINA_CINE4116Third, in case you missed it…or forgot…or I forgot to mention…I have a new series about to launch in April. It’s different, it’s steamier than the rest, and it’s a whole helluva lot of fun. DRAGONS AMONG THEM, book 1 in the Kingdoms of Fire and Ice, is due out from Samhain Publishers on April 19th, 2016 but available now for pre-order on several sites. You can read a preview of it here (click “sneak peek” below picture). It’s paranormal romance, fantasy, and wizardry all rolled into one. But the best part about this series? It’s all set to release THIS YEAR. Yep, that’s why I’m writing like mad–all three contracted books in this series are due out before year end. No year-long waits to see what happens next. Exciting, right? And if you loved the cover for book 1, just wait until you see what the amazing cover artist did for book 2…reveal coming in April. 😉

Please know that I treasure each of you and your continued support. Truly, each comment I see on here or on Facebook or Twitter absolutely makes my day. I write to inspire, to entertain, to comfort, to heal. Each book reveals to me more about human nature and tendencies, and oftentimes opens my eyes to my own habits, both good and bad. It is my goal to continue writing, continue sharing. Continue smiling.

And, maybe one day, I’ll even figure out how to get my newsletter off the ground. 😉

Stick around, won’t you? The epic journey is about to get underway…



4 thoughts on “Psst…it’s me…

  1. Wow, you have been incredibly busy. Congrats on all you’ve got going on. Four books this year is insane….and awesome, LOL! I can’t imagine how you do it.

    BTW, I love 3rd person POV and multiple POVs. My favorite kind of reading!

    • Thank you, Mae! We’ll see if my sanity is intact by the end of the year 😉 Having a blast with it all so far. And yes, 3rd person POV is a lot of fun. The dragon books really dive into that, can be a bit tricky to keep all those char’s thoughts straight! lol

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