Sale and News

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve crawled out of the writing cave to say “hello!” and let you know of two exciting tidbits of information.

HUD_rebrand_600First, my publisher for HER UNEXPECTED DETOUR is having an imprint-wide sale this week only. All BLISS titles are only 99cents on all vendor sites. All sites!

That’s…insane, really. I mean, you can more or less stock your entire ebook shelves for the winter all for less than a trip to Arby’s. I’m seeing readers commenting on Twitter and Facebook that they’ve bought 5, even 10 titles because they just can’t pass it up. And when those books are usually $2.99 or more, well, it’s hard to pass this opportunity up.

Check it out for yourself–hard not to give an author new to you a try for less than a buck. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of DETOUR yet, now’s definitely a great time to do it!

Second, I received official word from BLISS this week that they have accepted my proposals for books 2 and 3 in this Checkerberry Inn series. I am THRILLED to be able to bring you Miles’ story (readers have been clamoring for it since DETOUR released)! And the third book? Well, you’ll just have to stick around to find out. 😉 Release dates are pending, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


And while that is absolutely fantastic news, it also means I now have 4 books to finish by next fall (and 3 by next spring). Good thing my characters are shouting at talking to me right now–makes writing their stories a whole lot easier. Lol

But I’ll do my best to pop in and say “hello” from time to time, and share news of book releases, cover reveals, book signings, and miscellaneous wonderings of this Indiana girl. Right now, though, I’ve got some dragons to tend to.

Have a great one, everybody. And head on over to BLISS while the sale price lasts!


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