It’s Party Time!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Did you all recover from all the Back to the Future parties yesterday? Man, it felt so bizarre when we saw an airing of the second movie last night and heard Doc Brown saying that they’d just flown/driven into Wednesday, October 21st, 2015. Because I remember sitting in the theater when that movie came out and thinking, “Man, I’ll be ancient by then.”

Nope, not even close. 😉

And to PROVE that I am, in fact, NOT ancient, I’m inviting you to join myself and my beloved KAChicks at a party on Facebook starting at 2pm EST today. There are tons of prizes and books to be given away as each of us 7 chicks take turns hosting what is sure to be a kickass good time.


So clear your calendars and join us this afternoon and evening. Maybe we’ll all feel a little bit younger in the process. 😉



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