Happy Thursday, everyone! Indiana Wonderer has been a bit quiet of late, but fear not, the writing muse is far from dead. In fact, she sunk her claws into me late last night, and refused to let go until I sent this out. So I’m complying before I lose any further circulation…

2015 has been a rocky year for a few of those in my circle of friends. Highs and lows, excitement and rejection, hope and defeat. And I get frustrated watching that cycle, wishing I could take their pain away, banish the lows to the darkest depths of that H-E-double-hockey-sticks place. To hug and kiss the boo-boos away.

It’s the mommy in me, I can’t help it.

Eewww...kisses from Mom...

Eewww…kisses… #TBT

But the truth of the matter is: I can’t. And accepting that is step one on the road to recovery. Or rather, to living life to its fullest.

You see, life is short. But all too often, especially for us modern women/mothers/wives/girlfriends, we get caught up in forever moving forward, always looking ahead. Can’t wait for the right man to come along, for the dreamy proposal, the show-stopping wedding. For some, we can’t wait to get pregnant, for baby to get here/to talk/to walk/to go to school. Can’t wait to land our dream job/get that promotion/get that next book deal/get discovered.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

In fact we’re so busy looking ahead that all too often we get stressed out when we find ourselves “trapped” in the inconvenience of the here and now. We’re not where we want to be, or where we think we should be. We look around and see other people painting the perfect lives on social media, and suddenly we’re envious. Maybe even jealous or resentful. Why can’t we be them? Have what they have? It’s frustrating, stressful, disappointing, deflating.

And I realized the other night…WTH are we doing??


They were little once upon a time… #TBT

Because one day all too soon the here and now will be gone, and we’re going to look back and wonder what the hell we were doing stressing over whether or not we got our preschooler to bed on time, or our dog potty-trained within the recommended window of time as what that fancy pet website listed as acceptable. Why we insisted our kids finish their broccoli when all it led to was an evening of yelling and tears and, finally, a multi-vitamin that had them covered anyway. Why we worried if a bill was paid three hours late, or if our grass didn’t get mowed the same day as the neighbors.

Who the hell cares?

My goal this fall is to STOP IT. Stop stressing, and start LIVING. To remember to breathe, to snuggle with my kids while they still let me, to love those who love me back. To set aside that forever-cloudy crystal ball and focus on the HERE AND NOW. To OWN this moment, and the next, but in that order only.

To stop looking ahead, to start living in the now. And to savor the journey—good, bad, or ugly—every step of the way.

Fun is what it's all about

Yes, that’s me, living in the moment… #TBT

Let’s start a revolution. Who’s with me?


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