New Series: Tips from the Chicks

Sharing my love of gardening on the KAChicks blog today. Swing by and take a read/listen, won’t you?

KickAss Chicks

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Kyra here to introduce our next blog series. While we were sad to see our Flash Fiction series “What if you Fly” come to an end, the chicks and I are changing it up a bit for the next few weeks to offer a glimpse into our daily lives. And what better way to do that than to offer you some “Tips from the Chicks.”

See, away from our keyboards and author mugshots photos, we’re seven normal chicks who share a lot in common with many of you. Well, okay–normal miiiiight be stretching it a bit for a few of us. LOL  But at the end of the day, we’re pumping our own gas and cooking our own meals just like everyone else. (And some of those meals aren’t even burnt to a crisp.)

So kick back and enjoy these homespun tips as you get to learn…

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