Judith Post of Myths and Musings

My dear friend (and amazing author) Judy Post is joining us over on the #KAChicks today. Wont’ you please stop by and say hello?

KickAss Chicks

Hi all, it’s Kyra here to welcome to our KickAss Blogger for the week: Judith Post. Judy, as I know her, is one of my favorite bloggers. And okay, I may be a little biased on this one since we both hail from NE Indiana. 😉 Her blog Myths & Musings is a terrific, down-to-earth site that captures the essence of writer-dom. Many of her posts focus on the goals, achievements, and day-to-day obstacles she (and so many of us) faces in her daily writing. When she comes across a book she loves or an author she’s connected with, those posts hit her blog as well. And Twitter? Well, Judy’s the queen of writer support and RT’s. She’s even a founding member of a local writing group called the Scribes, which helps writers hone their craft and find their “voices”. By the way, Judy writes totally kickass urban legend…

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