What if you fly – Part five

Just when you thought the story was settling in…wham! Don’t miss this week’s part 5 in our flash fiction series 😉

KickAss Chicks

what_if by Erin Hanson  David watched Liv saunter out of the auditorium. Her perfume lingered and the sway of her hips sparked a visceral reaction in his loins. He pinched the bridge of his nose between finger and thumb. It was a complex set of emotions coursing through him. When he’d been forced to leave Hickoryville and marry Margot, losing Liv had crushed him. But his was a duty that could not be forsaken. Not with so much at stake. He and Margot had a great deal of respect for each other. Mazie’s birth had given them something to love, together. Margot had been a strong woman and her death, so unnecessary, would be avenged. But first they had to survive the coming battle. When they’d learned the truth about Liv, about who she really was, it was a sucker-punch. He could have stayed and married the woman who owned his heart. But they…

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