What if you fly – Part 2

Did you happen to catch Part 1 (written by yours truly) last week? If so, here’s the continuation. Flash fiction on a multi-person scale–so much fun! Enjoy, and happy reading!

KickAss Chicks

Continuing on from Part 1 – Jump back if you want to read What if you fly Part 1

what_if by Erin Hanson“Don’t wanna do it.” Maizie rubbed her little snub nose with the heel of her hand.

“Hmm.” Mr. Ray’s white shirt strained over his broad shoulders as he leaned his elbows onto his knees and ducked his head to look at his daughter. “Sounds like chicken talk to me.”

Olivia gaped at the back of his gleaming head. She was so not okay with this style of parenting. She opened her mouth to deliver the blistering correction the arrogant son of a bitch deserved.

“Does not.” Mazie’s chin came up and stuck straight out as she glared back at her father. Her glare melted into a huge grin. “You’re a chicken.”

David…Mr. Ray’s–dammit—rich chuckle stroked up Olivia’s spine like a hot finger. “No, you’re a chicken.” He stood and…

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