New Blog Series: What if you Fly – Part 1

A little flash fiction fun over on the #KAChicks site today, thought I’d share my fun start to our 7-part short story, written in typical Kyra style. Enjoy, and be sure to tune back in next Tuesday for its second installment. Who knows where the next Chick will take it?… 😉

KickAss Chicks

Hello, everyone, and happy Tuesday! Kyra here to introduce our next blog series. While the “Leading Man Obsessions” was fun (and at least for me, a welcomed weekly distraction…still swooning over quite a few of those images…) the Chicks decided to mix things up a bit with this next series. Rather than do 7 stand alone posts, we’re going to do a multi-author flash fiction story. Each of the next 7 Tuesdays, a different chick will pen a new, short addition to it. And as we all write romance but specialize in a variety of subgenres, this is sure to get interesting.

what_if by Erin Hanson The wonderful Ms. Gemma suggested we start with this beautiful image inspired by Erin Hanson’s poem “What if I fall?”, as it has come to offer inspiration to so many of us. And who couldn’t use a bit of inspiration now and then, especially when such inspiration leads to the spinning…

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