Fear for Hire by Natalie S. Ellis

I’m over at http://www.kickasschicks.com today, sharing a must read romantic suspense by Natalie S. Ellis. Pop over and visit, won’t you?

KickAss Chicks

Fear_For_Hire_Natalie_S_EllisHere’s FEAR FOR HIRE as the amazing Natalie S. Ellis sees it.

Jack Wylie is tall, dark, handsome and brave – he’s everything you’d want in a kidnapper. Ex-cop Jack Wylie is a born protector, tormented by the day he misjudged a criminal and his life took a tragic turn. Now he’s on a mission to kidnap a woman to help her overcome a fear of being tied up. He’s been told by his psychologist brother to keep up the game until the woman gives him the sign. But there has been a big mistake. Jack has accidentally abducted the feisty and beautiful Molly Rhoades – a newly arrived local TV reporter who has secrets of her own. And she doesn’t know the sign. After a dangerous and unlikely meeting, Jack and Molly find themselves consumed by sexual tension, but things get even more complicated when Molly finds out that…

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