Saturday Blunders

So, you might have seen a post from Indiana Wonderer earlier, rambling about my love for men who change into dragons. No, it’s not April Fool’s Day quite yet, though I am certainly playing the part at the moment. Apparently, techie me was doing some testing and forgot to cancel a test post playfully scheduled for today.

“la la la…”


Oops! I guess that just goes to remind us all to always double-check our web work. 😉 But since I have your attention, I might as well give you a quick update on a few writing items…

First, I am thiiiiiiiiis close to sharing big news of a new contemporary romance series I hope to bring into the world later this summer/fall. Can’t go into details, but you’re going to love it–I promise. No suspense, just fun, flirty, and sometimes emotional romance, plain and simple. It’s set at a cozy bed and breakfast in central Michigan. Book 2 in that series is underway, and I just love these characters.


As for all the hubbub on Facebook (and my earlier boo-boo) you’ve been seeing about dragons, that’s due to another series that hit me out of the blue in December. Book 1 is finished and I absolutely love it. So far, my beta readers do, too (and are demanding I continue on with a sequel). Not sure the fate of this series yet, but will certainly keep you posted.


Of course, in the midst of all that I’m now involved in several collaborative online blogs/websites. The first is, which launched this past Monday. If you missed the announcement, be sure to swing by and check out the fun that’s already brewing over there. And click the image below to register for your chance to win one of 7 amazing prize packages–the deadline for entries has been extended into March.

Soft Launch Graphic_Extended Date

The second collaborative blog is a work in progress, and I’ll give a shout out when it’s ready to launch as well.

Fingers crossed that March comes in like a lion and quickly morphs into a cuddly, mild-mannered little lamb (and that I don’t have any more crazy blog tests run awry). Carry on, everyone!


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