#KAChicks Website Launch Day!

Happy, happy Monday everyone! I have been waiting for WEEKS for this day to arrive and it’s finally here!! Why all the excitement? Because today marks the launch of a brand new website developed by the most #KickAss writing chicks I know. And what still amazes me is that I was asked to be one of this new site’s founding members! What an honor!



Together with Gemma Brocato, Juliette Cross, A.S. Fenichel, Sarah Hegger, Sabine Priestley and Kristi Rose, we have designed a website that kicks the stereotype of meek and mild romance writers to the CURB. Here, we will bring together readers, writers, editors and bloggers–all in the theme of fun and inspiration.

Need a laugh? We’ve got you covered.

Need a recommendation for your next read? Got that, too.

(Need some eye candy over your lunch break? Oh, yeah…)

So join us as we embark on this new and exciting adventure over at www.kickasschicks.com.  This week there will be plenty of prizes up for grabs and friendships to be made.

Soft Launch Graphic-1

Meek and mild writers? Pfft…we prefer to step outside that box and show the world just how #KickAss us writers can really be.


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