Muse-ical Inspiration

“So, this one time at band camp…”

Yeah, I was in the band. Back then it kept me out of trouble, and truly helped shape me into who I am today.


And while my musical tastes are all over the place quite eclectic, I love discovering new songs that speak to me. Really speak to me. Have you ever had a song like that? Maybe two? Or twenty-two?

What I find even more fascinating is that different songs will speak to me at different times. In the car tonight I heard two that jumped out at me. The first was “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, which I have blogged about before. I love the song, love the meaning, and love the artist. But the line, “Let your words be anything but empty…go on and tell them the truth…” Well, I just love it, especially as a writer since it’s so important to make sure I’m using the right balance of words to craft my stories. Not too hot, not too cold, not too soft, not to hard…you get where I’m going with this.

Words—make ‘em count.

The second song, I am going to admit, I won’t be listing here because when I looked up the lyrics to find the line that had called to me, I discovered I’d heard wrong! Hahaha still chuckling over that. But rather than let my faulty interpretation derail this post, I’ll tell you what I thought the song was trying to tell me. I “heard” it speak of not letting the past trip you up, to carry on no matter what, and to draw strength from the friends around you. THAT was the message Mr. Song-which-shall-not-be-named had gifted onto me.

And, misheard or not, I loved it too.

These past two weeks I have found myself surrounded by not only my treasured local writers, but also an online group of energetic, amazing, passionate women writers whom I am honored and blessed to call friends. They are who I pictured when the second song came on, because I have drawn so much strength from their snarky, kickass, deeply committed behaviors, quotes, and outlooks on life. I’ve no idea if and/or when I may actually meet them in person, but look out world if I do ‘cause we’ll be tearing the town UP.

Hmm, I wonder what song that encounter would conjure?…

So yes, music speaks to me. And yes, sometimes I hear exactly what I want to hear (my DH would be happy to confirm that admission). But more importantly I love what I do and the people strapped in beside me on this crazy train known as our writing careers. Without music I would struggle for inspiration, and without my beloved writing peers life would be a hell of a lot more boring.

Who needs struggles and boring? Am I write right, people?

Who and/or what inspires you?


10 thoughts on “Muse-ical Inspiration

  1. Although I think struggles and boring go right along with the whole thing–see CurtissAnn Matlock’s Jan. 26 post on Gleanings–it's so neat having music that tells us what we need to hear (even if we’re hearing wrong). It reminds me of when readers occasionally take things from our stories that we never put in there; it’s all good because the story works well for them the way they “hear” it.

  2. Totally spazzing out right now. Doing the happy dance and rocking out. What a great post. And that online group of which you speak? It’s totally kickass! Someday, at some con we’re going to paint the town red! Write on, chick!

  3. This is a fantastic post, Kyra. Made me get a little giddy inside. And yes, like Sabine said, we’ll eventually meet up in person. Until then, we’ll be doing other kickass things, eh? 😉 XO

  4. Well this had me at HELLO.

    Alrighty then… here’s what happens when you put a red rag to a friendly bull.

    1) Jean Michel Jarré: Oxygene Part Deux. Used in the film Gallipoli and big in it’s day. This was one was done when computers weren’t around. It did use electronica but you can safely say it is “hand made”

    2) Mason Williams: Classical Gas. Is everywhere. This song has it’s own website and usage licences are something like $200K+. I blogged about this song and one writer commented that this piece follows the Classic 3 act structure of storytelling …. neat eh?

    3) Ram Jam: Black Betty. Musically tough to play but oh so fabulouso

    4) Sesame Street’s: The Ladybugs Picnic… ’nuff said.

    5) Deep Purple: Smoke On Water. When someone is a rock fan and wants to play guitar the first thing they do is learn “the power chords” thus you too can have the much anticipated Smoke On The Water Moment.

    There really is so much more…. whaddyagottado?????!!!!!

    Find ’em all on Youtube.

    Oh and:

    “’I’ve no idea if and/or when I may actually meet them in person, but look out world if I do ‘cause we’ll be tearing the town UP.”

    I agree …

    Cheeries Gabz

    • Love this, Gabrielle!! A few I’ll need to look up, but love your musical references. Smoke on the Water and power chords is dead on, and Ram Jam rocks, too. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing your inspirations!
      Xo KJ

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