A Visit from Sarah Hegger and Sweet Bea

Welcome back to another edition of Tuesday, er, Wednesday Traditions. (Okay, so I’ll have to give some thought to a new name since these author spotlights will likely be moving to Wednesdays from here out. Anyhoo…) Today we’ve got another one of my new Lyrical sisters with us, and I’m excited to introduce her to you all. Won’t you please join me in welcoming Sarah Hegger?Sweet Bea

  1. Name (or pen name): Sarah Hegger
  1. State (or country) you call home: Utah, but this changes at a moment’s notice.
  1. Genre(s) you write: Historical and contemporary romance
  1. Most recent release title: Sweet Bea (Kensington (Lyrical), September 1, 2014)
    1. Storyline:

What could be sweeter than revenge?

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character that you just can’t trust. Tell us who they are and what they’ve done to be named here:

That would have to be the villain of Sweet Bea. He’s a nasty piece of work. Unfortunately, I can’t say anymore without giving the story away.

  1. Favorite season and why:

Summer, I have to be warm, all the time. Four years of living in Montreal only made this clearer to me.

  1. What does your typical writing day look like?:

I’m fortunate enough to be a full-time writer and I make a ‘To Do’ list each day.

I start with checking emails and my social media, noting things that need to be done and answering urgent emails. I do my plotting or writing new work early in the morning, when I’m still fresh.

After my children get home from school, I tend to edit, critique (if I am working with another writer at that point) and do my social media preparation.

Evenings are for what I didn’t get to during the day.

  1. You have a self-admitted case of incurable wanderlust. If you had the choice to expand your journey to time travel or space, which would you choose?:

Time travel, for sure. As a historical writer, I have a fascination with the past.

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes :

I know this is weird, but I just like it.

Do. Or no not. There is no try. – Yoda


Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with us today, Sarahwishing you all the best with your new release.

Please be sure to say “hello” to Sarah while you’re here!

And read on for a blurb, a note from Sarah, and links to where you can find her on the web: 

A Blurb from Sweet Bea, a new medieval romance :

Is anything sweeter than revenge?

In a family of remarkable people, ordinary Beatrice strives to prove herself worthy. When her family is threatened with losing everything, she rushes to London to save them. Unfortunately, she chooses as her savior the very man who will see her family brought low.

Garrett has sworn vengeance on Sir Arthur of Anglesea for destroying his life when he was a boy and forcing his mother into prostitution for them to survive. He has chosen as his instrument Sir Arthur’s youngest daughter, Beatrice.

Can Beatrice’s goodness teach Garrett that love, not vengeance, is the greatest reward of all?

You can read a longer excerpt from Sweet Bea on MY WEBSITE. Look under the My Books tab.

If this sounds like your thing, you can pick up a copy at AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE or pop along to KENSINGTON PUBLISHING for your favorite format.


3 thoughts on “A Visit from Sarah Hegger and Sweet Bea

  1. Thank you for visiting with us, Sarah. Our visitors were quiet today–perhaps they’re all struggling to recoop from the holiday weekend lol.

    Again, best wishes on your Sweet Bea!

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