It’s time for a Second Honeymoon!

SecondHoneymoonSidebarHello, everyone! It’s time for another Tuesday tradition…but this one’s with a bit of a twist. While my past Tuesday posts have included spotlights on individual authors, today’s is focused on a conglomerate, if you will–it’s to celebrate the rerelease of books originally published by myself and my Lyrical Press sisters as an imprint under our new publisher, Kensington Books.

And what better way to celebrate ebooks than by throwing an online party?

Yep, that’s right. No need to get gussied up, just pull up a chair or pull out your smart phone and join right in. There’ll be prizes, free book giveaways, games, and a chance to meet a dozen or so authors that you might otherwise miss among the sea of writers out there today.

So follow the Rafflecopter link below, best of luck, and enjoy!

(Psst…there just might be a Kindle copy of ARMED WITH STEELE up for grabs…)


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