A Month of Firsts

Ah, firsts. Firsts come in all different shapes and sizes, events and emotions. They can be scary (first trip to the dentist, first cavity filling, first day of school). They can be exciting (first kiss, first drive alone with your new license). But they will always share one thing in common—that they’re your first. It’s up to you how you choose to receive them.

For as much a proponent of change I am at my day job, I’m not a huge fan of “firsts”. Rather, I’m the kind of person who likes to know what I’m getting myself into. Sometimes, though, an idea will grab hold of me and refuse to let go, regardless of my comfort level.

That’s how it began with my novel writing–I just charged blindly ahead, driven by enough passion to push me past apprehension. And maybe all this writing and charging ahead has had a positive affect on me. Because this October will be a month full of firsts for me—and I’m chomping at the bit to try them all.

It all starts with my first appearance as the guest of honor for a local women’s book club. They have graciously chosen ARMED WITH STEELE as their book of the month, and invited me to come and share a little more about the book and myself with them. I can’t wait—if there’s one thing I could talk about for hours, it’s my book and its characters.

Hopefully, I won’t ramble on too terribly much.

A few days after that, I’ll be going to my first Sara Bareilles concert in Indianapolis. (Remember my post on “Brave”? Yep, that’s her!) Been looking forward to seeing her for a few years now, and my super-fantabulous hubby bought me two tickets for my birthday last month. One for me, and one for my BFF–he bought, but politely bowed out…and I can appreciate that. LOL

This month I also entered my first SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE contest, presented by none other than the world famous Harlequin publishing house. For two and a half weeks, they accept first chapters from aspiring writers all over the place. After that, they’ll narrow the list down to 50, and then request the full manuscripts from those. Of those, they’ll then narrow down to the top 10 and let people across the country vote for their favorite. No idea if I’ll make the top 50 or not, but it’s been fun to submit and read some of the other entries. Feel free to pop over and read a few for yourself!

And last but not least, my other major first in October will be the running of my first 5K race. I made the pledge to myself this spring that I would run one this year, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been searching for a race that was for a good cause, and just happened to stumble across advertising for this one: Bookin’ It for Kate’s Kart. Bookin It for Kate's Kart

What’s Kate’s Kart? I’m glad you asked. Here’s what their website had to say:

Kate’s Kart is a not-for-profit organization that supplies brand new, free books to hospitalized children to keep for their enjoyment. Our goal is to promote literacy and encourage children, and their families, to read on an ongoing basis.

Kate’s Kart was founded in 2008 by the Layman family in memory of their daughter, Katherine Anne Layman (affectionately known to family and friends as “Baby Kate”). Since then, our organization has grown to service 16 area hospitals, plus several pediatric offices. We currently have over 90 volunteers collecting, counting, sorting, labeling, stocking and distributing books.

Now I ask you: as a mother and a writer, how could I possibly pass up this wonderful opportunity to help support such a noble cause? So, even though I’ve never run a 5K before (much less a 4, 3, 2, or 1K) I’m going to do this. And you know what? No matter how bad I hurt or how winded I get, it’ll still be nothing compared to what a sick child or their family go through during their time spent in the hospital. If I read to escape/distract from real life when I’m healthy, I can only imagine how much comfort reading can bring to those struggling through major medical issues. It will also serve to help me appreciate how very blessed our family truly has been.

So here’s to a month of firsts, and to remembering that they shouldn’t be avoided out of fear…but rather should be embraced as opportunities for growth and wisdom, come what may.

Are you planning any “firsts” this month?


4 thoughts on “A Month of Firsts

  1. It is funny how one changes! I was never much of a fan of firsts, either, but when I retired and life became all ABOUT firsts, I found out how wrong I’d been. Firsts are FUN (usually. We’re not talking about colonoscopies, here). Sounds like you’ve figured out the fun part ahead of time. Good for you.

    • Thanks, Liz! I can’t say I feel zero apprehension toward firsts anymore, but I’m definitely learning to stretch and try new things. Just don’t expect me to jump out of a plane or anything. 😉 Have a great one.

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