‘Tude – Pick Yours Wisely

Happy weekend, everyone! For me, this week it couldn’t get here fast enough. Between sports for the kiddos, homework, and homework, and more homework, we all need some time to relax. And, as tends to happen when things wind down, reflect.FISH

Today’s post is about choosing our attitudes, and it’s been stuck in my craw for a few days now. No, I’m not jumping up on my soapbox to vent. Rather, I’m going to offer everyone a friendly piece of advice I picked up from a book I read some time back: FISH! A PROVEN WAY TO BOOST MORALE AND IMPROVE RESULTS.

If you haven’t read it, I highly encourage you to do so. It was developed in Seattle’s world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, and espouses 4 simple methodologies/”fish” to help you and your employees be more positive, productive, and enjoy what they do. The”fish” that gives me a friendly swat in the face from time to time is CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE.

Choose my attitude. Seems simple enough.

Ah, but to choose my attitude, I need to be AWARE of my attitude, and that’s where I think a lot of us slip up. We get so wrapped up in this moment, this second, that it’s all we think about. Yep, totally guilty here. Though I have to say, I’m getting better at pausing to self-assess…and that can be the difference between an improved day or an absolute shipwreck.

Lately, I’ve seen a plethora of posts from a Facebook friend that are heavily tinted with frustration, discouragement, and anger. Now, to be fair to them, I have no idea what they are going through on a personal level at this very moment. Life could be downright miserable for them. And I feel for them, I truly do.

But if you’re having a bad day, according to FISH!, it’s because you have CHOSEN TO have a bad day. WE pick our attitudes. WE decide how we will react to life, how WE will cope with events that broadside us.

And WE decide whether or not to blast Facebook with that attitude. Once we do, it’s out there. Forever.

So today, I challenge you to choose your “public” attitude wisely. And your private one as well. A positive attitude can go a long, long way, and not only help you be happier/more productive/more encouraging, but it can have an amazing ripple effect beyond what you can imagine.

And that’s the kind of pond I like to sit by, enjoying my friends. So get out there and make waves…the happy kind. CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE. I know I will.


2 thoughts on “‘Tude – Pick Yours Wisely

  1. A timely subject! I have been down the slipper slope lately with choosing to indulge in a bad attitude. This was just what I needed to remind me that how I view events it really up to me. Being positive is a choice! Great post! 🙂

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