Wanted: Debut Celebration Suggestions

Ok, I admit it — I’ve been a bit distracted lately. No Tuesday Traditions with guest writers (although I hope to have one next week), sporadic postings about random thoughts…but can you blame me? I have a book coming out in two and a half weeks. And not just any book – my DEBUT novel.


Every time I check the calendar and see that I’m a day closer to Armed With Steele‘s release day (AUGUST 5TH–you have that marked on every calendar in sight at your house too, right??) I want to start dancing. Then I get the urge to run. Then I have to stop and drag in repeated deep breaths to avoid hyperventilating. The good news is, I run instead of dance (I can’t dance) and that’s helped me stay on track with my 5K training. The bad news is:

It’s not August 5th yet.

And as much as I hate to say it, that’s probably a good thing. I still have blog posts to write and plans to make. And this is where I need your help. One of my wonderful writing friends asked last weekend how I planned to spend my release day.

“Are you doing anything to celebrate?”

Celebrate? Heck, I’ve been doing that in my mind since the contract was signed. But now that my dream is about to become a reality, I have no idea how I’d like to celebrate this milestone.

So, I’m asking you, my wonderful online friends: How do you suggest I celebrate my release of Armed with Steele?


4 thoughts on “Wanted: Debut Celebration Suggestions

  1. Let’s see now … perhaps on a quieter level your beloved could take you out to dinner … perhaps a gaggle of your closest girlfriends/family could have a luncheon with flowers and chocolates et al… multi-user skype sessions with some authors and have simultaneous cappucinos and donuts… gather your reader/writer group and go bowling/mini-golf/play video games… a have a bbq gathering with the broader neighbourhood…. get a sandwich board made up with the cover on it then go to the front door of the bookstore or library, put it on and holler out at the top of your voice: “This is MY book people… yep, MY book. READ IT, BUY IT!!!” … breakfast in bed from those Indiana Faces???

    Or perhaps, grab a bunch flowers, go to the mirror, look at the lady who’s gazing back at you and smile at her with a HUGE congratulatory grin – for a damn good job done indeed!!!! (good opportunity for a selfie šŸ™‚ )


    Gabba xo

    • Terrific ideas, Gabba! And gee, you’ve got me blushing–thanks so much for all your encouragement and support.
      I do so love the shouting at people walking into Barnes and Noble idea…though they might fire me from my writer’s group post if I do that. LOL

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