A Father’s Day Message

It’s Father’s Day. So today, I thought I’d write a post about Fathers.

Shocker, I know.

And I’m probably going to catch a little slack for this, since I didn’t write a post in honor of the wonderful Mothers in my life last month. But being a mom myself, the day was pretty full with other festivities. Sorry excuse, I know, but I digress…

Today I’m writing in honor of three of my favorite men: my dad, my father-in-law, and my husband. Three very different men who have all greatly influenced my life.


My father fixes things. From televisions to cars, ceiling fans to roofs, the man can fix just about anything. No lie. He’s got an engineer’s mind and handyman muscles, which means perfectionism, attention to detail, and brute strength, all wrapped into one. That combination served as one heck of a role model growing up. Any time I grab a screwdriver and try to fix something around our house, my husband dubs me with the “Russ Junior” title—one I’m definitely not ashamed to don.


My father-in-law fixes people. Well, he helps fix people. He’s a cardiac perfusionist, which means, among other things, that he runs the machine that keeps people alive during open heart surgery. But it’s not just the patients Terry helps heal, it’s every person on the hospitals’ staffs that he interacts with–the people with whom he jests, the people he helps make smile. He’s a people person, and so good about making others feel important.

DSC01923My husband has a good mixture of qualities from both our dads. Brute strength and one heck of a great sense of humor. He pushes me to do my best and chase my dreams, but is always there, ready to catch me in case I fall. And just like our dads, my husband is a wonderful dad himself: loving, supportive, involved.

Now, I could ramble on all day about our fathers, my husband, the great dad two blocks over, the grandfather next door…but I won’t. No, today I’m being a bit selfish and hogging my corner of the internet to brag on the dads in my life, because, truth be told, this is the first Father’s Day where mortality kinda smacked me upside the head and made me take notice that these amazing men will not be around forever.

Now, my husband has already been warned that I’m not going to let him die young. Oh, no. The women in my family live LONG lives, so if I’m gonna be around until I’m in my 90’s, then I’m gonna drag him (likely kicking and hollering) right alongside the wheelchair with me…

In all seriousness, though, it is so very easy to take life for granted. To take the people in our lives for granted. They were there yesterday, they’re here today, surely they’ll be there tomorrow. But we don’t really know that, do we?

No, we don’t. And the thought is weighing a bit heavier than usual on me lately.

So today I’m making a point to share with the world just how much these three exceptional, influential, and inspirational men mean to me. Without their love and support, I couldn’t have become the woman/daughter/wife/mother I am today. And while I don’t believe I could ever adequately put into words how extremely grateful I am to these three, I’ll close with this:

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for our family, and for those around you. I love you. Always and forever.

P.S. Should any of you head up to that big poker game in the sky before me, be sure to save me the seat to your right at the “Pass the Garbage” table…for old time’s sake.


13 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Message

  1. This is a great post. I did a similar one to my dad who has been gone for several years. You’re right, don’t take ppl you love for granted. No one lives forever. I hope your guys all saw this. I’m sure it brightened their day.

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