Time is Running Out!

Back in January I wrote a post about an acquaintance of mine, Beth Schrader, who has been involved in the 2013 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Woman of the Year campaign. The concept? Raise money for the research and fight against these diseases while spreading cancer awareness.

Beth has been keeping a blog along the way, sharing what she experienced as she stared the dreaded “c” word in the face. But with the help of friends, family, the Big Guy Upstairs, and the R&D of organizations like LLS, she was able to receive the treatments she needed to keep on keepin’ on.


Beth, all smiles as always, on the left with brave Greyson.

Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos swirling all around us, it seems there aren’t too many heros out there. Not real ones, anyway. But Beth? She’s certainly gained hero status in my eyes this year, doing so much and working so hard to help so many.

Please give her blog a visit, and consider making a donation before the campaign wraps up on Friday, April 26th. We don’t all have to contribute a lot, but if everyone would contribute even a little think of all the good we could do...


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