Meet Gabrielle Battistel

It is with extreme pleasure and humility that I introduce my next guest to Indiana Wonderer. She is a talented writer from “down under”, and just seeing her name in our writing circles always brings a smile to my face. She exemplifies what I have been trying to promote here – that writing isn’t just about me, or you, but about us as a collective writing community.

Though most of you know her as Gabba, Gabrielle Battistel is one of the most inspirational and ever-supportive writers I’ve met. And though our “meetings” are always via the www, I do so hope to one day meet her in person.

So, without further ado, please welcome for the first time, and undoubtedly not the last, Gabrielle!

  1. Name (or pen name): Gabrielle Battistel
  1. State (or country) you call home: State: New South Wales, Country: Australia. I live in the middle of the state. In a regional/rural locale. We live on 50 acres but not too far from the nearest town.
  1. Genre(s) you write: Contemporary Romantic Fiction (with a dash of comedy) Have been known to pen a paranormal that had something to do with Sapphires!!!!!
  1. Most recent work in progress title: A COMPROMISE BY CHRISTMAS (Book 2 of 3 of The Pemberton Novella Christmas Series)
    1. Storyline:

David Pemberton meets obsessive Entomologist, Professor Isabelle Mathison (Belle) when she falls from a tree landing literally at his feet. They strike up a romance after both initially denying their attraction to one another. Belle then discovers David is the Pemberton behind Pemberton Enterprises, the highly successful family company whose multi-million dollar donation is funding the expansion of her University’s Economics department. That expansion threatens the downsizing of the Belle’s Entomology department. Belle and David find themselves adversaries despite their love for each other. A compromise has to be reached after Belle and David realise they are getting one of the biggest Christmas surprises they are every going to get!

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character that makes you laugh. Tell us who they are and give us an example of why they tickle your funny bone:

Belle, my heroine in A COMPROMISE BY CHRISTMAS, is fiercely intelligent and her feisty, quick wit makes me laugh. She’s a clever lady and has a humour based comeback for just about everything and everyone. It’s a certain kind of humour that kicks in automatically and sometimes goes over people’s heads. It’s the thing that attracts David to her. However, this ‘humour’ is sometimes a cover for an insecurity buried deep within her. This insecurity fuels her sometime impetuous nature. You’ll have to read the book to understand how and why!

Example of her humour: (The following passage up to “-Ends-” is copyright 2013 by Gabrielle Battistel. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Permission is issued to Kyra Jacobs for publication on the Indiana Wonderer blog, March 2013 only.)

Belle is in the corridor at the university going ‘toe to toe’ with the head of the economics department in yet another installment of the ongoing debate of the Entomology Department v the Economics Department. Her gifted protégé, Peter, is with her.

“Yes, yes Professor Mathison, as usual your overblown view of the usefulness of Entomology in society is short-sighted. It’s money that makes the world turn, my dear.”

The smug of her opponent’s tone and matching grin sent her blood to boiling, fueling her instant rebuke.

“All the money in the world isn’t going to save you when you’re at the mercy of the bite of the Heteropoda venatoria. Believe me you won’t be able to sit at all Professor Maxwell, let alone at your grandiose desk devising your so-called influential, ground breaking economic theory.” She leaned toward her opponent, leaving only millimetres between their noses, lowered her voice to a quiet undertone and sent a sturdy stare straight at him. “When you can’t feel your butt and you’re sweating for your life, try asking me how influential I’ll be–my dear Professor Maxwell.”

A rise of surprise plastered across the balding man’s brow. His smug grin now open-mouthed shock. After a couple of vacant blinks and clamping his mouth closed, he heaved a snobbish huff then stomped away from her.

Belle hugged her pile of papers to her chest and let a smirk rise to her lips at the sight of the still steaming economics professor trudging down the hallway.

She returned her gaze to Peter, now a picture of mild confusion. “Heteropoda? That’s the harmless Huntsman spider.”

Belle sent a mischievous wink to her protégé. “Maxwell wouldn’t know a Huntsman from a helicopter.”


  1. If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?:

To answer this truthfully, I have to say that I would like to have one of every dog breed. I love my two dogs dearly and although I’m not one to bring home every stray I see, I would dearly love to have a pack of dogs who live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives.

  1. If you had a quiet day to yourself at home–no work, no deadlines, no drama–how would you spend your day?:

Reading. Eating yummy food. Playing with the dogs and writing.

  1. Name a book you read this past year that you really enjoyed:

At the moment I’d have to say Shirley Jump’s McKenna brothers series (Harlequin Enterprises). After learning the craft from Miss Shirley, to see how she does it ‘in situe’ was very satisfying. In terms of the story and enjoyment factor, all I’ll say is this: I took three gorgeous McKenna brothers to bed along with my husband and–well–I was happy!

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes:

“That’s a beautiful essay darling” – my Dad.

My father died when I was very young. Unfortunately, I don’t have many memories of him. One day I handed him a piece of paper upon which I had written a story. I asked him, “Would you like to read my story Daddy?”

He paid very specific and considered attention to that sheet of paper and the above was his reply.

Even though this happened when I was quite young, this memory – this moment of inspiration – will be with me forever.

Amazing, Gabrielle, how you had me laughing and nearly crying all in one interview. I am certain that you’ve inherited your father’s inspirational nature, and that he’s looking down from upon high with pride on you each and every day. Thank you a million times over for taking time out of your busy day to take a jaunt across the pond and for sharing with our readers this week. And of course, best wishes on all your writing endeavors!

Please be sure to leave a friendly HELLO to Gabrielle while you’re here!


Gabrielle invites everyone to visit her blog to follow her journey toward publication. Perky posts, thoughts and missives of her learning to write, loving to write and one day, being an author. Keep your eyes peeled for her website coming soon … design and construction now underway. You can also follow Gabba on Twitter and Pinterest.


19 thoughts on “Meet Gabrielle Battistel

    • Hi Liz, many thanks for stopping by. Kitty’s name is Monday. She was a stray that turned up (obviously on a Monday night) almost 14 years ago now! I love her just as much as my rascally dogs!

      Thanks for your compliments on my writing. The story about the Sapphires is a short story that is included in the RWAustralia annual Little Gems Anthology. They have a theme gem stone every year and writers compete for inclusion. Oh Happy Days it will be come it’s launch in August 2013!!!

      Have a great day, cheeries Gab

  1. What an awesome interview. Loved the story about your father, Gabba. My father was the motivating force behind my desire to become a writer (he died when I was 13), and I treasure my memories of sharing stories with him too. I also love the kitty, LOL. I adore cats!

    • Hi Mae. Thanks for reading the interview. Glad you liked it! Perhaps you can relate to how our “Daddy’s” can still be with us even though they are not! It’s rather special. IMHO.

      You like cats? You’ll love Monday. She is a gorgeous treasure and as I mentioned to Liz was a stray who turned up one Monday night here on our farm. She was TINY and couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old.

      Monday owns and runs this household and demands a high standard of living from us exclusively at her pleasure. She is in charge of my two burley dogs (they’re in the Around and About page on my blog) and she will be 14 at the end of the year. She hasn’t got all her health. She has a few aches, pains, creaks and quirks but she’s happy!!!!



  2. What a nice way to wake up in the morning! This has obviously been posted while I was in Slumbersville!!!

    Well frankly, I’m touched. Thankyou for a lovely introduction over and above having me here. I had a great time answering the questions and am glad I was able to give you some sort of insight!!!

    Many thanks Miss Kyra. See you around the ‘traps’



  3. You had me at “one of every dog breed!!!!!” HI Gabba. Fun interview. Love a laugh in the morning. Gets the wrinkles working.;)

    • Hello hello Jen … nice to see you here. Many thanks for your comments on CBC! Hope all well with Miss SYTYCW!!!!!



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