AUTUMN in the Spring

Welcome back to Indiana Wonderer for this week’s Tuesday Guest Blogger. Today I’m very excited to have my editor and fellow Lyrical sister, Autumn Piper here for a visit! She’s here to help usher in spring, and share a bit about both herself and her most recent release, TROUBLE WON’T WAIT.

I remember there being some jogging through cold rain, snow, and slush in this book — something many of us in the Midwest can sure relate to. 😉  But enough about exercise, let’s get to the interview…

  1. Name (or pen name): Autumn Piper
  1. State (or country) you call home: Colorado
  1. Genre(s) you write: Contemporary romance and romantic suspense
  1. Most recent release titleTROUBLE WON’T WAIT (Lyrical Press, released 11/4/12)
    1. Storyline:

Cheating is a dealbreaker…or so Mandy’s always thought. But when she catches her husband getting some “strange,” she agrees to a month of counseling, which will give her time to grieve the loss of her marriage before she has to tell the world–and the kids. Then she meets Adam, who gives her a hunky—if mysterious–shoulder to cry on, and that thirty-day waiting period seems like an eternity.

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character that irritates the heck out of you. Tell us who they are and what they’ve done to be named here:

I really didn’t like Lana, the woman Mandy catches her husband with. Lana is the type of woman 99% of us really can’t stand. She’s after any man she get…for a time.

  1. Favorite cuisine: Mexican
  1. What time of day do you typically do your writing and why?:

Morning, before the rest of the family gets up, is the best time for me. Although now with my editing duties, I have to grab any moment I can.

  1. Name a musical performance (concert, theater, etc) you’d love to attend:

George Strait. And my time is running out—he’s on his last tour now! : (

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes:

“Oh the thinks you can think, if only you try.” – Dr. Seuss


How I love these Dr. Seuss quotes! And Autumn, you painted Lana very well as the woman we love to despise in TROUBLE WON’T WAIT. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with us today.

Be sure to stop by and give a shout to Autumn while you’re here!

If you’d like to learn more about Autumn Piper and her collection of novels, you can find her online at her website, as well as her blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


12 thoughts on “AUTUMN in the Spring

  1. I love the quote! I’m going to have to remember that one. Congrats on an awesome release! And although I like the name Lana, I’m sure I’d despise the character, LOL!

  2. Fun interview! I have to read the book now because when you have a character readers love to hate that makes the book so much better! I really enjoyed Piper’s book, Fantasy Mountain, so I’m looking forward to this one!

  3. I loved Trouble Won’t Wait. And I HATED Lana. This book was so wonderful, Piper/Autumn. You did an excellent job of developing Mandy’s dilemma and her character. What a powerful journey, and kind of humorous at times…though I think that had to do more with Mandy’s outlook and spirit than her circumstances.

    Oh, and Adam was wonderful. I LOVED him as much as I HATED Lana.

  4. hello hello!!!
    I think it’s so very interesting how we can dislike/hate the characters we create! Getting caught up and so riled up … hopefully that passion makes for a good reading experience!
    Nice post – interesting read.

    Cheeries Gabrielle

    • D’Ann, I have my doubts about getting to see George. But maybe, if he extends that last tour. Gabrielle, I sometimes like writing my “bad” characters most. 🙂 Thanks, Michele! And, thanks for coming by, Calisa. Kyra, nice interview. See ya around!

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