Renita Pizzitola and DREAM ON

Welcome back, everyone. Our Tuesday tradition is still going strong, and I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s guest writer. We’re headed south today, to somewhere out on the range. Renita Pizzitola is another one of my Lyrical Press sisters, and just recently released a paranormal romance called DREAM ON (isn’t that cover gorgeous?)

I hope you enjoy Renita’s humorous interview below, and be sure to click on the rafflecopter dreamonlinks at the end of the post to be entered into her March blog tour giveaway!

  1. Name (or pen name): Renita Pizzitola
  1. State (or country) you call home: Texas
  1. Genre(s) you write: YA and Adult Romance – Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary
  1. Most recent release title: DREAM ON (Lyrical Press, released March 4, 2013)
    1. Storyline:

Emory Bennett owns a lucrative dreamwalking business. Trained in weaponry and Muay Thai, she spends her nights entering the dream realm resolving her clients’ nightmares, whatever they might be: bad guys, scary beasts, or the classic forgot-to-wear-my-pants nightmare, but her jobs get complicated when a gorgeous man keeps appearing requesting her help.

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character to which you can relate. Tell us who they are and why you can relate to them:

I’d say the main character Emory. I definitely think I channeled some of my humor and sarcasm into her. The dreamwalking and Muay Thai is all her though. It’d be awesome if she could channel those my way.

  1. Favorite dessert: Ice Cream and, though they may not count as dessert, I seriously love me some Twizzlers.
  1. If you were about to take a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean, name three things you couldn’t board the boat without:

Would the right thing to say here be my children?? Husband?? Eh, they’ll never read this… My phone, iPad and um…clothes? Yeah, clothes would probably be good.

  1. What are you currently reading (or plan to read next)?:

I’m sort of obsessed with NA right now so Hopeless by Colleen Hoover is next on the list.

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes:

“Hang in there” you know the one with the kitten on the poster…no?

Okay, then I’ll go with “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Albert Einstein

Thanks so much for your visit and honesty, Renita! Loved your cruise selections, by the way. (I debated bumping the number to 6 for that very reason, but you handled it quite well!)

Be sure to leave Renita a hello below. And don’t forget to enter your name in Renita’s drawing at Rafflecopter, going on all month. Winners will be announced on the 31st on her site. Good luck!

To learn more about Renita and her growing collection of novels, you can find her on the web, Twitter, Facebook, her blog, and GoodReads.

You can find DREAM ON at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lyrical Press, and iBooks.


8 thoughts on “Renita Pizzitola and DREAM ON

  1. You’re very funny, Renita. Love that cover and this sounds like a great book. I liked the movie Dreamweaver that this reminded me of sort of. Nice response to the cruise question. LOL

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