A Reprieve from Romance

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Once again, Indiana Wonderer is hosting a fellow writer this week. But today we’re going to take a break from romance and get in touch with our darker sides. Very excited to introduce my first guest from across the pond, Sara Jayne Townsend!

So pull up a seat and enjoy some time with Sara!SOULSCREAMS-2

  1. Name (or pen name): Sara Jayne Townsend
  1. State (or country) you call home: London, UK
  1. Genre(s) you write: Horror and crime
  1. Most recent release titleSoul Screams (Stumar Press, June 2012)
    1. Storyline:

A collection of 13 horror stories dealing with the darkness of the soul.  Stories about that inner scream that no one can hear but you.  Stories that will haunt you.

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character that makes you laugh. Tell us who they are and give us an example of why they tickle your funny bone:

Hmm, I don’t really do characters that make people laugh.  My characters are all pretty angsty.  I prefer to have them suffering than providing comic relief.

  1. Favorite footwear: sneakers, pumps, or boots?: Sneakers.  Comfort first.
  1.  If you had a quiet day to yourself at home–no work, no deadlines, no drama–how would you spend your day?:

Playing video games.  Current favourites are Resident Evil 6 and Dragon Age Origins (both on the PS3).

  1. Name a book you read this past year that you enjoyed:

Stephen King’s 11.22.63.  This isn’t really horror – it’s more time travel sci fi, about a Maine schoolteacher who goes back in time and tries to stop the assassination of JF Kennedy.  This is King back to what he does best – writing about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes:

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”. I’m not sure who said it, but I think it’s great. The dessert’s the best bit. Why save it for last?

Sarah Townsend (34)

Since I’m a huge dessert fan, I will second that line of thinking.  Thanks so much for visiting with us today, Sara!

Be sure to leave Sara a hello while you’re here!

You can learn more about Sara Jayne Townsend at http://sarajaynetownsend.weebly.com, as well as her blog, http://sayssara.wordpress.com. You can find Soul Screams at Amazon.


5 thoughts on “A Reprieve from Romance

  1. Nice interview. I actually enjoy a good horror story now and again (among the many genres I read). I’m also a huge RFK fan (which means I read a lot about JFK), so 11.22.63 has been on my TBR list. Soul Screams sounds dark and angsty, Sara. I will have to check it out!

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