Changing it up this week…

Ah, so you can here expecting to see an author interview? Well, I’ve got good news and, um, other news (because none of it is bad, I promise.)[self+and+Monday.jpg]

Today I’m being interviewed over at Gabbawrites – a dear writer friend of mine who’s doing a very cool blog series right now on Writers’ Journeys. Do stop by and say hello!!!

This week’s guest writer, Mae Clair, will be featured here tomorrow – so please be sure to stop back then. Mae is a Lyrical Press sister and a fantastic blogger – feel free to check out her site today!


One thought on “Changing it up this week…

  1. Hello again Indiana Warrior (tongue in cheek) … many thanks. You’re were most certainly welcome over at Gabbawrites and it was very kind of you to extend an invitation to your readers to come and have a read!!!!

    Have a good one! Cheeries


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