Guts and Green Nails

Nope, this isn’t a horror post, or anything even remotely disgusting. This week I’m talking about being true to yourself.

See, I’m a pretty straight-laced gal. Wasn’t a rebel growing up, didn’t do anything even remotely wild or crazy. That doesn’t mean I was a bore, or that I never had any fun. Trust me—I had a very happy childhood—I just did so without crossing any major lines.

But as I’ve gotten older, and developed more confidence in “doing my own thing”, I’m finding that sometimes, stepping outside the ‘comfort zone’ box can be rather…liberating.

Take this week, for example. I made a deal with our youngest son last fall that if he did well “x” days in a row at school, I’d paint my fingernails green. For those of you who aren’t around me day in and day out, it’s rare that I paint my nails, let alone any “wild” color like green. Well, it took a few months, but our son finally made his goal…and was quick to remind Mommy that her nails had a date with the color green.

True to my word, I painted them green. Kelly green. (I’d insert a picture of them here, but the sight of green nails for some of you might very well cause a contradiction this post’s first line, so I’ll spare you. Just trust me when I say, they’re definitely green.)

And though the sight still catches me off guard, after a few days, I had to admit: I kinda like ‘em this way.

Green nail polish. Not something I plan to do every day (and possibly not ever again), but I did find going against the traditional color grain liberating. I’m already thinking about what color to do next…and mauve won’t be it.

But this lesson goes further than just fashion statements. 2013 has been a tough year for me as a writer, with too many ideas swirling in my head for multiple books and little progress being made on any single one. I’ve been listening to too much input, taking constructive critiques too hard …in short, I’d developed paralysis by analysis.

And it totally sucked.

After a few encouraging verbal slaps from my wonderful critique partners, I’m glad to say I’ve snapped out of my funk. Regained my confidence in the stories I have to tell, and the guts to choose how I tell them. Green nail polish? Liberating. Writing novels? Equally so.

Thank you, son, for helping nudge Mommy out of her comfort zone. And thank you, NextChapters Critique Group, for giving me the support and encouragement I so desperately needed.

Kyra’s got her mojo back.


4 thoughts on “Guts and Green Nails

  1. Ah yes… yeah olde analysis paralysis, get that myself sometimes. Interestingly, for me a spruce up of my nails provides me with a bit of distraction from stress related writer matters… sometimes problem solving ideas are allowed to be forgotten during application of “lovely lilac” and a fast return trip to the keyboard follows very short after the drying process.

    Glad you have your mojo back!! Cheeries Gab

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