Meet Traci Douglass

In keeping with 2013’s theme of “How Can I Help?”, today marks the start of my weekly guest blog appearances. And here to kick it all off is Traci Douglass!

Traci is a former co-worker of mine who traded the doldrums of 9-to-5 for a full-time writing career. She’s living the dream, and I’m so excited to have her here today, sharing a bit about her and her new release, SEAL OF DESTINY.9781440563447

And because she’s such a sweetheart, she even volunteered to be the first to try out my new guest blog format. So without further delay, let’s get to know a little bit more about Traci Douglass and her premier novel.

  1. Name:   Traci Douglass
  1. State you call home:   Indiana
  1. Genre(s) you write:   Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Romance
  1. Most recent release title:  Seal Of Destiny (Crimson Romance, January 21, 2013)

i.   Storyline:

Love conquers all… but can it stop the Apocalypse?

Mira Herald is having a bad life.  Not only is she plagued by horrific nightmares starring the Devil, now she’s targeted by a crazy rogue minion, fresh from Hell, bent on her destruction.  Plus there’s a stalker named Kagan who insists he’s a divine warrior sent to protect an ancient relic with the power to bring on Armageddon. Once all Hades erupts and her survival hangs in the balance, Mira must let go of her staunch independence and work with Kagan to stop the first Seal from being opened.

  1. Of your most recent storyline, pick one character you adore. Tell us who they are, and why you love them:

Hmm. I really enjoy all my characters and there’s a little piece of me in all of them. In Seal Of Destiny, the character I had the most fun writing was my villain, Argus. He’s just so snarky and irascible and over-the-top.

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Confirmed chocaholic here. 🙂

  1. If you were on vacation today, lounging in the sun on a warm beach beneath a shady umbrella, name a book you’d like to have in your hands:

I’m re-reading some of the classics of romance right now for an MFA class and am knee-deep in Jane Eyre at the moment.  Such great writing.

  1. Name two of your favorite authors:

Jennifer Ashley and Stacia Kane

  1. Give us one of your favorite motivational/inspirational quotes:

Oh, I LOVE this question. Okay, here’s one of my all time favorites:

“No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.” – Agnes De Mille

Thanks so much for stopping by IndianaWonderer this week, Traci! Feel free to leave a “hello” for Traci below.


If you’d like to learn more about Traci and her new release, you can find her website and blog at Traci is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and has a new author page over at Amazon. SEAL OF DESTINY can be found at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


17 thoughts on “Meet Traci Douglass

    • Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

      I actually re-read Jane Eyre about six months ago. Loved it even more than in high school, though the whole French part I had to skip over again. Unfortunately, I don’t speak/read a lick of it. 😉

  1. Thanks, Liz! I’m re-reading several of the romance classics for an MFA class I’m taking. I find wine and classical music helps me get in the mood. It’s a different mindset, but once I’m in the world of Austen and Bronte all’s well. 🙂

  2. Fun interview, ladies! Traci, congrats on the transition to writing full time. That’s fantastic. Given the blurb for SEAL OF DESTINY, you must be enjoying great success. It sounds like an intriguing read. I really loved the inspirational quote you chose too. I must remember that one!

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