To Fester or Capitalize, That is the Question…

I’ve been looking for something to inspire my next post, and I stumbled across a good one tonight.

See, tonight, I failed. Again. (Perhaps I need to put a disclaimer in here: I am not a miserable failure—I just think that my fumblings are more entertaining/inspiring than me listing off what I ate for lunch every day the past week. So go with me on this…)

It all started when I was driving my oldest to football practice. He’s in the “big leagues” now, wearing a helmet and pads and things to protect parts of his that I don’t have. As a mom, seeing my fourth-grader in full gear is a little bit exhilarating and a whole lot scary.

And by the way, whoever the genius was that picked white as our league’s pants color was obviously not in charge of laundry at their house. Seriously, white?

So we’re gabbing and singing along to the tunes on the radio when I shoot a quick glance into the backseat to make sure he remembered everything. Something I should have done while we were still in the driveway. But hey, this isn’t a new drill. After 6 weeks, I’m assuming he’s got everything.

Oh, no. There’s that word again. Assume…

See, I told you I needed to work on following my own advice.

Yeah, well, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see he had his water bottle, helmet and pads. Unfortunately, there was no jersey covering the pads. And then I saw it, clear as day in my mind, hanging on our stairway banister, where we both had to have walked past it at least once or twice on our way out the door.

Too bad neither of us bothered to grab the darned thing.

By then we were 15 minutes into our journey, and only 5 from practice. I sighed, and apologized up and down to Jake. And, God bless him, he was totally cool with it. Even said another kid had gone without, too, at another practice.

But as we got him all geared up in the parking lot, I still felt bad. Pads with no jersey and a bright red soccer shirt underneath? It just looked goofy. (Ironically, his old soccer jersey had the same number 3 on the back that his football jersey has…his forgotten football jersey…*sigh*)

So, not wanting my poor kid to get razzed too badly for forgetting half his uniform, I headed back home to get it. Now, I’d planned to come back in another hour or so to pick him up anyway. But you see, I’d also planned on spending the time in between with my youngest. He was home with Daddy, Batman toys all lined up in the living room, waiting for me to come home and play.

Maybe that’s my true problem: I try to plan entirely too much. I need to revert back to “zero expectations” – you can’t be disappointed if you had no expectation of anything to go right, right?

What to do, what to do? I didn’t want to miss out on Ry time, but then again, I didn’t want to leave Jake hanging in the wind, either. Thankfully, I offered Ryan the chance to play some football and soccer with Mommy in the field beside where his big brother was practicing, and he was all for it.

God bless both my kids.

So we drove back, got Jake properly suited up, and then played to our heart’s content in the next field over.

Sounds like a simple enough story, right? Forgetful mother, accommodating kids. No problem.

But here’s the thing: in the past, me realizing I’d we’d forgotten that jersey would have sent me into a frustrated tailspin, festering with regret. Tonight, though, I somehow managed to stay calm, and capitalized on the ordeal by getting to burn lots of calories kicking and passing the football, and dribbling a soccer ball, back and forth with my youngest. And having an absolute blast in the process.

Spending quality time together outside on a gorgeous evening.

No television. No whining about want snacks. Just good, old fashioned play time.

So much better than sitting around, beating myself up for making a silly mistake.

Have you turned a mistake into an opportunity lately?


One thought on “To Fester or Capitalize, That is the Question…

  1. Classic story. What a good Mum (sorry Mom) you are!!!

    Yes I have turned a mistake into an opportunity.

    As you know I write and I was typing away happily. As you may know word processors often fix the word you’re trying to type. Every now and then a particular word would come to mind and I’d make the wrong keystrokes therefore the word I didn’t want automatically appeared. So I pulled up and thought what’s a better word… I hit the thesaurus button and BINGO a great alternative sang out to me like the Hallelujah chorus. It was such a better choice of word!!! I quite like the Thesaurus button now!


    Hope that makes sense. Cheeries Gab

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