Sometimes, the Bus is Just Gonna Be Late…


They happen.

And usually when you least expect or want them to.

When the kids got fidgety at the bus stop this morning, and we saw other buses pass by and wave, we gradually realized that ours was MIA. When one of the other parents checked their watch and announced the time, I cringed.

“Well, Mommy is officially gonna be late.”

My ever-loving ten-year-old put his hand on my arm and said, “You can go, Mom. We’ll be fine.”

Yes, there were other parents standing there. And yes, I could have hopped into my truck and driven like a bat out of hell to try and beat the clock. But you know what? I didn’t.

And it was a first.

Usually, the thought of being late would have made me frantic. Stressed. Had me cursing (in my head or out loud, depending on the company present). Speeding through orange yellow lights, hoping no traffic cops were in the area.

But today, I shrugged and simply replied, “That’s okay, buddy. I’ll wait.”

Because really, my family comes first. Too many times over the years I’ve gotten caught up in my panicky state-of-mind and lost sight of that. Got overly worried that I’d let someone down if I wasn’t on time. That I, in some way, shape or form, had failed.

And I’m not a big fan of failure.

Today, though, I did something I don’t usually do: I accepted that I would be late. Made the decision not to stress about it. And because of that, I got twenty extra minutes with my kids at the corner bus stop. Twenty extra minutes to watch them laugh, play, and be goofy.

Twenty minutes I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

Eventually the bus did come—an older stand-in, which the kids wrinkled their nose at—and we got in another round of hugs and kisses before they trotted on up its steps. I waved good-bye as they pulled away, then took a deep breath, climbed into my truck, and sang along with Star 88.3 on my drive in.

And don’t worry, I remembered to call in and let my boss know what happened. And guess what? He thanked me for letting him know, and wished me a safe drive in. No yelling. No scolding.

Life happens to him, too.

Just like it happens to all of us.

So when life throws you lemons, make some lemonade. (If it throws you too many at one time, you may need to add a little Jack to your drink.) But don’t stress. Don’t lose sight of what’s important. Life is just too short to waste it worrying about whether or not we’re always on time.

Or that we never fail.

Hmm, looks like I’m going to have to read this one over and over, until my own words truly sink in. 😉

Anyone else struggle with delays? What are your best coping methods?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, the Bus is Just Gonna Be Late…

  1. This is the same lesson that was reinforced for me not that long ago when I felt under pressure to make a deadline yet spend time with my kids (as opposed to sticking them in front of the t.v. yet again while I sat at my computer). I decided: family comes first, God will back me up when I choose them. And you know what? The stress (mostly) disappeared, I enjoyed the moment with my children, and I still made that deadline. God does back you up when you choose your family first.

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